Packaging Tape is Good for Setting Records

I have this friend of mine, and he recently got put in the McGilly’s Book of World Records, which is kind of like the Guinness Book of World Records but not nearly as cool. (Don’t tell him I said that…).  Guess what he got put in for.  You’ll never guess.  I’ll just tell you: packaging tape.  You’ve got that right.  He bought rolls of packaging tape for years, pretty much ever since he was a kid, and then he proceeded to encase an entire house in it.


There was a lot more engineering that went into the process, of course, and it was legitimately a labor of love that consumed his life from ever since he was a small kid, but it wound up being really fascinating for a lot of people.  The most appealing part about it was that it was an interactive piece, a real house in the middle of a real yard, with a real mailbox out front that was even wrapped up.  It was this part that wound up making him so much money.  The piece (their words, not mine) was advertised well in advance, along with fair warning that it wouldn’t last forever due to the level of interaction and exposer.

This made people want to be involved all the more.  So from the first opening night there were lines going all the way down the street.  I saw people paying some serious money to move farther up the line, and I was like, “Seriously?”  But it’s true.  They wanted to go through a house covered in packaging tape that stinking bad.  The line was open all night, until the last person had a chance to go through.  Which means we were there until just about three AM, which.  It was the the same the next night, except even worse, because word had spread and a lot of people were back.

It was almost like a tailgating party with no tailgates.  There were a lot of coolers on wheels, or grills on wheels.  People were completely sold out to this whole thing.  In the end, the piece only ran for about three weeks until it had completely dismantled, and when it was done the pieces of packaging tape were framed and sold for ludicrous amounts of money.

I never did find out he made from it all, but suddenly he was driving a much nicer car, and he said that he at least made back whatever he had spent on all the packaging tape over the years.



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